【eBay】今夏開始「Guaranteed Delivery」への準備をするようeBayがユーザーに周知

eBayは、今夏から開始される「Guaranteed Delivery」という保証付きの配送機能に対する準備をするよう、ユーザーにメールを送信しました。

メールの件名は「Get answers to your questions about Guaranteed Delivery here.」となっています。





This FAQ video shows you what you need to know about guaranteeing delivery.

Answers about Guaranteed Delivery. (Delivered.) We know you might have questions. And we’re here to help. Watch the video to explore topics such as which guarantee option best fits your business, or what happens if an item is delivered late.”

We wrote about the program when it launched in March when eBay described the program as offering guarantee delivery in 3 days or less on 20 million eligible items, millions of which would offer free shipping.

As eBay states in the FAQs, “What happens if an item does not arrive by the guaranteed date?”

If a guaranteed item is delivered late, the buyer can request one of the following recompense options:
– Keep the item and get a refund on the ship cost. Or, if shipping was free, the buyer can get a $5 voucher instead.
– Get a free return label for a full refund of item cost (item cost refund is always paid by the seller) and ship cost.
eBay will manage all customer service, so it will not create more work for sellers.

Among the concerns expressed by readers at the time of the announcement were questions about who would pay if an item that was guaranteed to arrive missed its delivery deadline.

The program is optional for sellers, and there are two ways to participate, as the video explains. You can also find more on the eBay Guaranteed Delivery landing page.


抄訳 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

このFAQビデオでは、Guaranteed Deliveryについて何を知るべきを解説しています。

Guaranteed Deliveryについての回答。恐らくあなたはいくつかの疑問があるでしょうから、ここでそれにお答えします。ビデオを観ることで、どの保証オプションがあなたのビジネスに最も適しているか、商品の配送が遅れた場合どうなるのか等がわかります。




– 商品は手元に残し、配送料を返金。または送料無料だった場合は、代わりに5ドルのクーポンを受け取ることができる。

– 商品金額の全額払い戻し(基本的にセラー負担)と送料の返金と返品の無料配送。




もしくはeBay Guaranteed Deliveryの詳細ページで詳しく知ることができます。


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